Update to come!

We’ve been home from Las Vegas for a week now, and I’ve been trying to get some pics up! Unfortunately, I haven’t had any chance to write about any of our adventures….
WPPI was a great time! and the Las Vegas atmosphere was so much fun! More details and pictures to come…
On our last night, Callie (our new friend from Wisconsin!), Ging, and I hit up the strip with our cameras. It’s amazing how fun just walking down the street can be when you’re in Las Vegas with a camera. Here is one of the fountain shows at the Bellagio. (I recorded it on my point and shoot. The pictures were taken with my 30D Canon….) 

We had fun admiring people watch in such awe. I saw this little boy and noticed how the fountains reflected in his glasses. I’m going to email it to his parents.Photobucket

I loved how the crowd became silhouettes against the water. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Sadly, I did not find George, Matt, or Brad…and the other 8…9…errr…10 of ’em. Maybe next time. 


…and I am off to Las Vegas for the WPPI convention with Ginger!  While the Minnesotans are supposed to get hit by a March snow storm on Monday (8 inches!), Ginger and I will be surrounded by thousands of fellow photographers in the 70º weather of Nevada!

Pictures and stories when I return on Friday!       

The first of many…

I had a chance to experience shooting some head shots a couple weeks ago for my sister, Alana Lund (aka. Alana Bloom). She is starting to audition again and needs some updated pictures! These are a work in progress, but I thought I’d put some up to see what your thoughts are… 
**UPDATE** I’ve added a couple more.