Allie & Andy’s Wedding Party!

Here is my first wedding gif!

This wedding party was a blast!




For almost 5 years, I’ve had the honor of second shooting for an amazing photographer, Ginger Murray. She is an unbelievable friend, who goes above and beyond showing you how much she cares! MN Bride Magazine has featured her again, along with some other great photogs, for spring/summer’s issue! Some of my photos I took for her are included, which is fun! Check out her work! She’s the bee’s knees.



Crystal & Keith: Engaged!


I had a blast with these two. I enjoyed every minute of watching them interact with each other. You can just see the chemistry and great friendship they have together. They were such a goofballs that it made it seem like I wasn’t working! Excited to photograph their wedding in July of this summer… Congratulations, you two crazy kids! 🙂

nutella. the original hazelnut spread. mmm.

So good, I’m devoting a whole post to it, as well as, a pro photo. Yep, Oscar likes it, too.

This is probably my most cherished food item in my cupboard. I had my first nutella experience in Paris, France last December! The crêpe stands are everywhere so we got one about once a day while we were there. This kind lady is making my nutella crêpe with bananas!


Up close!


Ever since I got back, I have nutella on everything. haha. Okay, maybe not everything, but definitely with pancakes, toast, pretzels, and graham crackers!! Such a tasty treat. and it has no preservatives! I advise you all to get some. Go to Costco. You can get big ones like mine way cheaper than at Target or Cub!

Winter. I love it, but I’m so ready for it to be done….